The guarantee will be offered for only 35 of the 93 apartments of the project. Under the Guaranteed ROI 5.5% scheme, owners who purchase these specified apartments will have the option to lease the units back to the property developer, GVR Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. In exchange, the owners will get an assured annual return of 5%, in US$ terms for a minimum period of three consecutive years. It is anticipated by GVR Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. that some serviced apartments will be in operation by August 2017.

  • Buyers can enjoy a Guaranteed ROI 5.5% in USD terms remitted to their account on an annual basis
  • In the event unit buyers opt for the “sale-and- lease back” scheme and purchase the condominiums in LKR, the LKR price to be paid will be determined based on the published US$ price and the prevailing exchange rate
  • Whether the investor local or foreign, the returns will be paid in LKR equivalent to the US$ amount using the prevailing exchange rate at the time of the payment